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Unmarreid Students

Fischer Graduate Residences

"Construction of the Fischer Graduate Residences was completed in the summer of 1991. Residents began occupancy in the fall semester of 1991. Fischer consists of 33 two-story buildings with six apartments per building. These fully furnished, air-conditioned, two bedroom, one bathroom apartments are available for unmarried male or unmarried female graduate students only." | Learn more about Fischer.

O'Hara Grace Townhouses

"O'Hara-Grace is made up of 36 townhouses. These fully furnished, non-air-conditioned, four bedroom, one and one-half bathroom townhouses are available for unmarried male and unmarried female graduate students.Learn more about O'Hara Grace.



Married Students

Cripe Street Apartments

"One-bedroom apartments on Cripe Street are available to married full-time students without children. Preference is given to those students whose spouse is residing in the apartment.

Students not married at the time of applying, may move into an apartment one month before their wedding date. A copy of a marriage certificate is needed as proof of marriage.Learn more about Cripe Street.

University Village

"The University of Notre Dame operates 103 two and four-bedroom apartments located about one mile from the center of campus. This complex is known as University Village and is commonly referred to as "The Village". The Village is conveniently located on the northwest edge of campus, just a five minute bike ride or fifteen minute walk. There is a paved, lighted footpath connecting the complex to Notre Dame's central campus.Learn more about University Village. | Universiy Village Website

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Off Campus



The Off-Campus Connector

The Off Campus Connector

"This project—which started out as just an idea about helping students move off-campus has grown dramatically to involve all things relevant to a student moving, living, and playing in that Great Big World known as “off-campus”." Visit Connector website.


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