New Graduate Student Orientation 2017

Please mark your calendar for the 2017 New Graduate Student Orientation on August 14-15.

New Graduate Student Orientation is designed to provide a valuable and engaging introduction to life and studies at Notre Dame and to the multiple on- and off-campus resources available to support student success and well-being. Effective orientation programs play an important role in integrating graduate students into the university community, and studies have shown that graduate students who participate in orientation programs tend to have more rewarding and profitable experiences throughout their time at their institutions. We therefore appreciate your participation and look forward to setting you on a reliable path to success from the moment you step on campus.

Resources for New Grad Students

2017 Orientation Schedule

Q&A Videos

2017 New ND Grad Students Facebook Group

Join the group to connect with other incoming students, enter our photo contests, and get answers to your questions about life in South Bend! You can also follow Grad Life on Twitter (@NDGradLife) and Instagram (ndgradlife).

Ask The Salmon

Make sure to check out Ask The Salmon, the Notre Dame Graduate Student Life Blog. In the weeks leading up to orientation, we'll be catering our posts to incoming grad students. And, if you have a question about grad life at ND, you can submit it to the blog and we will provide an answer!