The Proposal Process

Do your Homework

  • Think through your plan and its implications.

  • Can you imagine any liabilities (potential for people to be hurt, potential legal issues, etc.)? How might you avoid them or mitigate your risk? What can you find out ahead of time?

  • Does your plan involve another student group? Make sure to reach out to them to secure their participation in your proposal.

  • Are there logistical complications? If you’re planning an event that will be ticketed, what service will you use to collect funds and issue tickets? Are there fees involved?

  • How will you track participation and assess your progress?


Write the Proposal

The proposal application form is available here: Grad Life Grant Application Form. As a part of your application, you will upload a completed Budget Worksheet to the application form. Provide sufficient detail on this worksheet to enable the selection panel to evaluate your request. Contact Mimi Beck with questions at (574) 631-1221 or

If you are planning an event, be sure to consult the Resources for Student Leaders and Advisors (available online at published by the Student Activities Office.


Include a Budget

Use the sample Budget Worksheet. Be sure to include:

  • Total funding requested

  • Any additional sources of funding, especially any matching funds. Are you contributing your own funds? Are ticket prices taken into account?

  • A detailed breakdown of how funds will be spent

  • Include details regarding the number of participants and number of events, cost of publicity, as well as food and refreshments. Do not forget to budget for police details and licensing fees, as necessary. Have you secured any matching funds? Have you considered cost sharing? Have you double-checked your math?

  • Overhead charges

  • If you are using a FOAPAL, please check with your treasurer or account manager as this may entail additional budget considerations.

  • If you have a Notre Dame FOAPAL number you are using for this project, include it on your application along with the name of the treasurer or account manager. (Your ND student ID is not an account number; be sure to ask if you have questions.


Submit the Proposal

Send your proposal via the Grad Life Grant Application Form. You will be asked to upload a completed Budget Worksheet into this form; without it, your application will not be complete.