As part of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, Graduate Student Life is starting a social media hashtag contest between the academic divisions of Science, Engineering, Humanities, Social Science, Architecture, Law, and Mendoza.  The winning division will receive:

  • bragging rights as the most appreciated and appreciative on campus
  • world-wide twitter-verse exposure for its graduate students, faculty, and research
  • a free pizza party for its graduate students, faculty, and staff

Graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni can send tweets and facebook posts mentioning aspects of graduate studies and graduate life at Notre Dame for which they are grateful or wish to bring positive recognition.  Qualifying tweets and posts must be sent by midnight on October 6, and must include the following:

  • #thanksbetograds
  • A hashtag to identify your division (#science, #engineering, #humanities, #socialscience, #law, #mendoza, #architecture)
  • What/whom you wish to recognize/appreciate

We’ll post a running tally throughout the week, with the final count given on Monday, October 7. If you have any questions, send us a tweet @NDGradLife