Spiritual wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose, defining beliefs and values, and acting with integrity and intention. It can be expressed through a specific religious tradition, but is not limited to a single faith.



Campus Resources

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry seeks to care for the spiritual needs of all students, regardless of denomination,faith tradition, or level of education at the University. Rooted in the Catholic tradition and inspired by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Campus Ministry fosters spiritual growth through worship and prayer, reflection and service, and education and faith formation. They offer an array of graduate student faith development opportunities as well as multi-cultural and interfaith resources.

In addition, Campus Ministry provides a list of local places of worship and various means of transportation

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

"For more than 125 years, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart has served as the mother church of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the United States. It is in the Basilica that Holy Cross religious profess final vows, that seminarians are ordained priests, and where deceased religious are commended to God. Likewise, it is a place of worship and prayer for students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as for regular worshipers, pilgrims and countless visitors. As Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., founder of the University said, this "splendid monument of God's glory" stands as a fitting sign of what is central to the life and mission of Notre Dame."  Use this link to view the Basilica Mass Schedule.

Spiritual Direction

"Spiritual Direction is a time set aside to become aware of and to reflect upon the presence of God in one's life. Anyone is invited to seek spiritual direction. Campus ministry provides a list of available directors on our campus and will assist you in finding a director. Most often, spiritual direction sessions are an hour long and meet every 3 weeks, but length and frequency of meetings are determined by you and your spiritual director." 

Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation Practice is open to Notre Dame students, faculty and staff. All faiths welcome! For more information, please email

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

"The Grotto is one of the most sacred places of prayer on Notre Dame’s campus. At all times of the day and night, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors make their way to the Grotto for quiet reflection and prayer. You may also submit a prayer request."

Center for Social Concerns

"The Center for Social Concerns (CSC) provides community-based learning courses, community-based research, and service opportunities for students and faculty and lies at the heart of the University of Notre Dame. It is a place where faith and action, service and learning, research and resolve intersect. Over the past 29 years, the Center has offered educational experiences in social concerns inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic social tradition so that the students and faculty may better understand and respond to poverty and injustice." 

Religious Life at University Village

University Village has many resources for Religious Life. Sunday Mass is celebrated at 10 am year round in the Beichner Community Center. Mass at University Village is family friendly and followed by coffee and conversation. There are community events celebrating select feast days and holy days throughout the Catholic liturgical year. Residents also organize Eucharistic Adoration, rosary groups, and other prayer groups. The Village supports an atrium of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori-based formation process for 3 to 6 year olds in the Christian tradition that respects the child's natural desire for relationship with a compassionate, loving God. University Village also sponsors and coordinates religious activities for students of other faith traditions.


Faith Based Student Groups

Muslim Student Association

"The MSA of ND integrates various facets of the Islamic faith so as to spread awareness about Muslims from all walks of life to students and faculty alike. Events that celebrate Islam are organized throughout the school year for all members of the Notre Dame community to take part in and engage each other in the school's mission to Heal, Unify, and Enlighten from a different and diverse perspective." 

Notre Dame Catholic Graduate Community

"The ND-CGC is a community graduate students, law and MBA students, young adults, and staff. Our mission is to provide spiritual support and fellowship for those on and off campus, who are all part of the larger Notre Dame community. All are welcome, Catholics and non-Catholics."

Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron is a community at the University of Notre Dame composed of students who have realized that God is everything: that our lives should and must be radically centered on who God is and what He's done in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In response, we are committed to being a community of believers honest about where they are, open about where they are going, and anxiously waiting for the God of everything to move.