Safety & Security

Hammes Mowbray Hall

COVID-19 Response Unit

"As a condition of returning to campus, [Notre Dame] community members are required to follow the COVID-19 related policies and requirements established by the University of Notre Dame" through their HERE campaign. You can also check the status of current cases on campus on the HERE dashboard.


Notre Dame Security Police

"The University of Notre Dame Police Department Department, located in Hammes Mowbray Hall just east of the Power Plant, is fully authorized as a police agency by the State of Indiana. The department employs both sworn police officers and non-sworn campus safety officers who patrol campus and respond to emergencies." Visit the NDSP website for information on crime prevention and safety, crime statistics and alerts, procedures and preparedness plans for emergencies and severe weather, and information about parking on campus. The Notre Dame Police Department website has many practical safety tips.

One important service offered by NDPD is SafeBouND, in which an officer or trained student will escort you to or from any point on campus.  This free and confidential service is available 9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. during the academic year and can be accessed by calling 574-631-5555. 

Notre Dame Fire Department (NDFD)

"Serving three colleges and 15,000 citizens – and a population that swells to over 100,000 during a football game – the members of the University of the Notre Dame Fire Department devote a significant portion of their lives by working 24 hours shifts to safeguard the Notre Dame Community." Located on the corner of Holy Cross Drive and St. Joseph Drive, the NDFD is responsible for emergency responses, fire safety inspection and education, and fire protection service maintenance.

Title IX

"Appointed annually by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Notre Dame’s Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention (CSAP) offers advice and guidance to the Office of Student Affairs on how to assist and support victims of sexual assault. It facilitates collaboration and communication among the different departments and student groups working to address sexual violence and spearheads a variety of rape education/prevention initiatives."

Risk Management and Safety

"The Risk Management and Safety Department is dedicated to providing quality service and professional advice in the areas of safety, occupational health, environmental protection and risk management.

Our main duties include safety and health inspections throughout campus, University insurance, hazardous waste services, workers compensation, health and safety training, personal protective equipment, emergency response for hazardous incidents, and consulting services."

Tornado Safety

Indiana is on the northeastern edge of the region known as tornado alley.  Though thankfully not a regular occurrence, it is still important to be prepared and know how to stay safe in the event of a tornado. Tornado sirens are tested on the first Thursday of each month at approximately 11:30 AM. The following websites provide general safety information as well as Notre Dame emergency planning resources:
ND Tornado Safety