Taking Care of Yourself

From student clubs to religious and spiritual growth, graduate student life at Notre Dame has many resources to enrich your life and invigorate your passions! Peruse all the resources available to you to help take care of yourself.

Graduate Student Lounge

Looking for a place to study or relax on campus that's just for graduate students? Click here to learn more about our graduate student lounges.

Graduate Student Government & Graduate Clubs

Although graduate students are welcome to join any clubs on campus, there are various clubs specifically for graduate students. These clubs range in interests from areas of study to cultural clubs.

Identity, Affinity, & Culture

Notre Dame houses various offices created to help foster an environment of inclusion and understanding. Click here to find out more about their missions and programs.


Notre Dame is committed to fostering a family-friendly environment for its graduate students, one that makes it possible for students to successfully balance parenting responsibilities with academic pursuits. Click here to learn about our myriad of family and parenting resources.

Health & Wellness

At Notre Dame, we believe well-being is a crucial aspect of your success as a graduate student. There are many offices and services on campus there to help you be well and stay well.

Faith & Spirituality

Spiritual wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose, defining beliefs and values, and acting with integrity and intention. It can be expressed through a specific religious tradition but is not limited to a single faith.

Taking Care of Others

For many of us, taking care of others is a way for us to take care of ourselves. There are many opportunities on- and off-campus for us to give back to the community around us.

Food & Dining

Both on- and off-campus, our area offers many options for great food and dining experiences. If you're hungry for it, you'll find it somewhere in the Michiana (Michigan & Indiana) area!

Things to do in Michiana

Loving called Michiana, the area surrounding Notre Dame which includes both Indiana and Michigan holds great opportunities for having fun during your free time. From walking trails to wine trails, there's something for everyone to do in Michiana.