Grad Life Grants

Our Inspiration

Started in 2012, this program is closely modeled on the Graduate Student Life Grants pioneered by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education at M.I.T. and the Community Building Grants administered by the Graduate School at Northwestern University. We gratefully acknowledge their leadership and assistance in shaping the Grad Life Grant program.


The Application Process

It is our hope that every Notre Dame graduate student be a member of a flourishing and welcoming community. We believe that the essential elements of a healthy community include:

  • Fostering a sense of belonging, in which each individual’s background and contributions matter.

  • Creating opportunities for shared experiences that integrate individuals as members into the larger community.

  • Bringing people together in co-curricular settings, outside of the library, lab, and classroom.

  • Building relationships across diverse groups and departments, especially among those with few opportunities to interact.

  • Improving outreach to marginalized or under-served groups and individuals.

  • Promoting wellness across multiple dimensions, including spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional health.

Proposals must address one or more of these essential elements and must be consistent with the institutional mission and identity of the university. Proposals may address the entire graduate population, or they may target a specific constituency, such as families, new mothers, or first-year graduate students. They may partner with existing student groups and graduate residences, or they may stand alone. Their purpose should be to facilitate the formation of meaningful community as crucial to a balanced and fulfilling graduate experience. Note that special consideration will be given to proposals including an event during our annual Graduate Student Appreciation Week.

If you are interested in applying for funding or if you are looking for inspiration from successful grants of the past, see the guidelines and links below. Beginning in 2015, we adopted a rolling application cycle and will consider new proposals as they are submitted.

If you have questions, please contact Graduate Student Life at


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