Dome Cooked Meals

Throughout Graduate Student Appreciation Week we'll post recipes and cooking videos from international graduate students preparing their favorite foods from their home countries. Home-cooked meals from under the Dome!


Monday's Feature: Irish Soda Bread

Prepared by Clare O'Hare, PhD student in Political Science, from Dublin, Ireland. Irish Soda Bread Recipe, Video Link.


Tuesday's Feature: Egusi Soup

Prepared by Jude Nwankwo, Master of Sacred Music student from Nsukka, Nigeria. Recipe For Egusi Soup. Video Link - Part One. Video Link - Part Two. Video Link - Part Three.


Wednesday's Feature: Ceviche

Prepared by Oscar Shimabukuro, an MBA student from Peru. Peruvian Ceviche RecipeCeviche Video Link.


Thursday's Feature: Lomo Saltado

Prepared by Claudia Santa Cruz, an MBA student from Peru. Lomo Saltado Recipe. Video Link.


Friday's Feature: Chicken Tikka Masala

Prepared by Andrew Bustard, PhD student in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe. Video Link.