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Pursuing an advanced degree may require intense focus, discipline, commitment, and even sacrifice, but it also requires a living, breathing, functioning person. Furthermore, it requires maturity, persistence, creativity, and a sense of purpose. These and other attributes of successful graduate students are nurtured in academic as well as co-curricular settings. The role of Graduate Student Life is to provide a wide range of resources and experiences outside of the classroom, library or lab to assist students in sustaining a healthy and happy life at Notre Dame. | Find out more about Graduate Student Life.


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The Notre Dame Grad Life Grants program is a request-for-proposal process inviting graduate students to submit creative, community-building ideas for possible funding. The grants provide a unique opportunity to enhance graduate student life at Notre Dame with experiences outside the classroom, library and lab. | Read more about the Grad Life Grants. | 2012 Grants | 2013 Grants


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This is the Grad Life T-shirt design for the academic year 2013-2014 which represents the balance that needs to be kept between the academic endevours and all the dimensions of wellness for a healthy and successful life. (Click here for a bigger image.)---

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