Writing Accountability Groups

Providing support, feedback, and accountability, joining a Writing Accountability Group can help you meet your writing goals.

The Writing Accountability Groups program was established to support Notre Dame graduate students and post-docs who are working on a dissertation, thesis, or other writing project. Forming a group with other students who are working on major writing projects is an ideal way to keep each other accountable for making progress and meeting deadlines - and to provide encouragement along the way!

We encourage you to form a group of your own with colleagues or classmates. Check out our Form a Writing Accountability Group Guide for tips and advice on establishing an effective group. As an added incentive, Graduate Student Life will provide funding for each group so that you can enjoy coffee or snacks together when you meet, up to $5 per person per meeting for up to two meetings per month. Register your group now!

To be eligible to receive funding, all that we ask is that your group take some time to lay down some ground rules after you register, as detailed in the Form a Writing Accountability Group Guide, and that you keep track of attendance at your group meetings.

If you would like to join a group but can't find anyone to form one with you, let us know and we can help you connect with a group that fits your interests.

Here are the resources to get started: