Teaching Resources

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Teaching is a part of most graduate student lives on Notre Dame's campus, whether it is as a teaching assistant or an instructor of record. To support you in these endeavors, Notre Dame has a multitude of programs and services to help you teach our next generation of scholars.

Notre Dame Learning

Notre Dame Learning, which includes expertise from the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office of Digital Learning, and partnersd across campus advances teaching excellence on campus through a variety of resources and programming. They host a variety of workshops throughout the year as well as teaching certificate programs and classes.

Center for the Study of Language and Culture (CSLC)

The CSLC offers several opportunities for students to hone communication skills by learning and teaching foreign languages. The CSLC also serves our international students through their course on English for Academic Purposes. Plus, students can participate in CSLC courses, workshops, peer tutoring, and language tables for fun, unstructured conversations in a variety of languages.

Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA)

ISLA awards funding that enables liberal arts students to learn, teach, and research outside of the University.

The Writing Center

Through one-on-one consultations with experienced tutors, the Writing Center helps students become better teachers and communicators by helping students improve writing projects from all levels and academic backgrounds. The Writing Center is also host to the Presenter Center which provides the same one-on-one consultations for their oral presentations, from outlining your speech to putting the final touches on your presentation.