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Resources for Well-Being

Health is foundational to your success as a student and to your ability to flourish as a human being. Holistic wellness is also central to Notre Dame’s heritage and mission as a Catholic, Holy Cross institution which strives to form the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

Our campus offers many resources to support your well-being across the seven dimensions of wellness:

PhysicalEmotionalIntellectualOccupationalSpiritualSocial, Financial, and Environmental


University Health Services

"Located in Saint Liam Hall, University Health Services offers basic health services including annual wellness and physical examinations and radiology, pharmacy, physical therapy, and laboratory services. Call to schedule an appointment with a physician or walk-in for acute, non-emergency illnesses or injuries. 

Important information for students on the Aetna Student Insurance Plan: If you are on the student health insurance plan, University Health Services is your first stop for all your health care needs. The medical care you received at UHS is reimbursed 100%, meaning you will not be charged for services rendered at UHS (you will, however, be charged a co-pay for prescriptions filled at the UHS Pharmacy). If your medical needs cannot be met at UHS, you will receive a referral to an off-campus provider. You are responsible for paying for off-campus services out-of-pocket until you have met your deductible. After you have met your deductible you are responsible for a certain percentage of the total cost per the details of your insurance plan. If you have questions about the Notre Dame student health insurance plan, contact Connie Morrow, or check out the insurance information page on UHS."

University Counseling Center

"The University Counseling Center staff provides high quality counseling services in the context of a brief treatment model to degree-seeking, currently enrolled Notre Dame students during the semester(s) in which the student is attending classes. We also offer outreach and consultation services to members of the Notre Dame Community and off-campus referral assistance for students whose treatment needs exceed our scope of services."

Graduate Student Group

This confidential group is designed to support graduate students in managing the intense demands of graduate work as well as general adjustment to the graduate and professional school environment. The group will emphasize the development of coping strategies and support systems as well as provide space to process and address racial and other disparities that may impact performance and a sense of belonging on campus.

McDonald Center for Student Well-Being

"The McDonald Center for Student Well-Being provides prevention, intervention, and education programs and coordinates assessment activities that support the health of Notre Dame students, both at the Center and across campus.Our mission is to cultivate a healthy campus environment where students thrive through the integration of mind, body, and spirit consistent with the Holy Cross charism of the University of Notre Dame.Our vision is to empower students for success in achieving balance anchored in the pursuit of lifelong well-being."

Title IX and Sexual Assault Resources

"Notre Dame does not tolerate sexual and discriminatory harassment of any student, faculty or staff member of the University community.  If one person is sexually assaulted on Notre Dame’s campus, it is one too many.  Together, we strive to create an inclusive and safe environment where all individuals can flourish." View the full website at

Accessibility Services

"Sara Bea Accessibility Services coordinates the process by which qualified students with disabilities can request and receive reasonable accommodations."

Center for Student Support and Care

"At Notre Dame, we care about the health and well-being of our students. Through a coordinated program of assessment, response, and education, we provide early intervention in a principled way to support members of the Notre Dame community who are experiencing stressful or difficult situations. There is no concern or problem too small or insignificant. We want to become involved early so that concerns can be assessed and addressed."

Graduate School Ombudsperson

Send an email to the Graduate School Ombudsperson.

What's an Ombudsperson? An Ombudsperson "assists graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in resolving a wide range of concerns, problems, and conflicts. The ombudsperson provides a confidential place for individuals to express concerns, identify steps towards problem resolution, and makes referrals to appropriate campus resources."


As you know, many grad students experience enormous pressure - professional, personal, and financial. If you or anyone you know is feeling anxious or just need to talk, help is available. 1-877-GRAD-HLP is a national crisis line staffed by trained counselors who understand your unique pressures and know how to help. For more information about the crisis line, check out